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Hello everyone, it's been a while! [Aug. 7th, 2007|09:34 am]
Fuck Buddies

[Current Location |Sitting on my reliner.]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"I'll Follow You Into The Dark" - Death Cab for Cutie]

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's been a friggin LONG time!  I'm so sorry this community died so soon, but hopefully, we can fire it back up here...

So I wrote something in my journal about a month or so ago, and I want your input on it:

Now, me being a guy, I have come to the conclusion that ejaculation is instinctive.  What more, the instict to ejaculate cannot be controlled once aroused.  I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Ejaculation, for a male, is the ultimate high.  Even more so, it is extremely territorial and primal.  To ejaculate is to tap into one's Primal Instincts.  Millions of years of evolution have boiled down to this one solitary moment.  It is within our very instinct to populate; to spread our DNA for future generations to prosper and live on.  When a male ejaculates, he is marking his own.  He is marking his territory.  He is saying to the world "I AM A MAN!"  He is claiming his right.  He is pocessing what he ejaculates upon.  That is instinctive.  The Primal side of the male is released at the point of orgasm, and the animal within is released by instinct.  The animal within is satisfied and, in a way, happy that he has achieved this solitary act.

Ejaculation is the ultimate act of territorial marking.  Think about it.  We all take pisses every day, perhaps multiple times a day.  But do any of us feel the instinct to "claim" the toilet, or "claim" the urinal?  No.  It is a bowl of porciline with water.  Dogs take pisses when they are marking their scent, and this is within their instinct to do.  Now, when a male ejaculates, it is POWERFUL.  In big, bold letters, as you can see.  Every muscle in the body contracts and moves rythimaclly to ejaculate sperm; the seed; the cum; the very fluid that gives life.  And with this ejaculation comes pleasure.

But guys, think of this: what is the pleasure of?  Is it pleasure at the most incredible feeling in the world?  Well, no shit.  But what MAKES IT so incredible?  What MAKES IT so pleasurable?  Yes, it feels amazing!  But why?  Think of this next time you are about to ejaculate, or after your orgasm; when you are coming down from the rush.  Think about what pocessed you to ejaculate in the first place.  Think about what you were feeling at that very point of ejaculation and during your orgasm.  And I have a feeling that you will begin to see that what I speak of is true.

Ejaculation is primal.  Furthermore, it is the Primal Instinct that causes a man to ejaculate.  It is also the ultimate act of marking one's territory as his own.

I want your input on this.  Tell me what you think, and give me your own explanations if you wish.

-VP (Rich)
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Looking for a fuck in Seattle.... [Jan. 26th, 2007|01:52 pm]
Fuck Buddies
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

I am looking for a fucking good time here in Seattle. Does anyone want to join in?

Let's get fucking!!
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2006|03:41 pm]
Fuck Buddies

[mood |curiouscurious]

Where's everybody at?  Looks like no one has posted in since last year.  Looking for some friends in Indiana!
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? [Oct. 1st, 2005|09:46 pm]
Fuck Buddies
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |sims]

Where the fuck did everyone go? Out getting laid I hope. : )
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The continuing adventures of Frey XD [Sep. 22nd, 2005|10:04 pm]
Fuck Buddies

[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |"Highway to Hell" - AC/DC]

This is a continuation of the story below, describing Frey and another boy. This time, though, Frey get's someone else...

Frey and Jared had always been good friends. But now, thier friendship was about to take a turn for the better.

They were in Jared's parent's house, having stolen the keys the prievious day. Jared wanted to entice Frey to join him in a little...fun...

"Hey Frey," said Jared. "You know I've always found you attractive."

Frey blushed, closing the door behind him, and setting his duffle bag on the entryway tile. "Well, I guess...I kinda liked you too."

Jared smiled, and motioned for Frey to come forward. He did, and Jared took both Frey's hands in his, and pulled him close. As he wrapped the strong arms of his 25 year old body around the cute 14 year old, he felt Frey's fast heartbeat against his own chest, and tilted Frey's head back to took into his eyes. The boy's blue ones stared back with curiosity and desire, through a thin-framed pair of glasses. Jared gently removed the glasses, and then bent his head for a kiss. The younger boy's lips were soft and smooth, bringing about a flutter of Jared's heartbeat. His tongue probed the inner walls of Frey's mouth, seeking out his most sensitive places.

With his other hand, Jared slowly undid the bottons of Frey's flannel shirt, exposing more and more of his smooth and beautiful torso to the cool air of the house. Jared moved his hand down and explored the younger boy's smooth chest and tummy, feeling the young muscles benieth. Jared's fingers lingered for a bit on Frey's chest, gently pinching and rubbing his hardening nipples.

Frey began to squirm and moan, as Jared's mouth moved down to the younger boy's neck. He suckled the smooth skin, bringing shivers and moans from both.

Jared suddenly lifted Frey up into his arms, and carried him over to the couch in the front room. Laying down the younger boy, Jared began to strip himself of the rest of his clothing. Frey watched in delight, until the site of Jared's buldge made his eyes widen. Jared was HUGE for his age; at least 8 inches and easily 5 inces around. The buldging cock poked up over the top of his boxers, and the cut head could be seen glistening with precum.

Once he was stripped, Jared went back to removing the rest of the younger boy's clothing, until he had Frey completely naked on the couch. Jared stood over him and admired the view: Frey's cock was about 5 inches hard, with precum running down the smooth cut shaft. His thighs shivered slightly.

Jared smiled and knelt on the floor, just above Frey's cock. He took Frey gently into his hand, admiring the pulse within, as his cock rose to it's full hieght. After playing with the cock, in which Frey moaned and squirmed, and spreading corpous amounts of precum up and down his shaft, Jared opened his mouth, and gently took Frey's shivering and twitching cock onto his tongue.

Frey moaned and cried out as Jared took his entire shaft into his wanton mouth, sucking and lightly nibbling on the drooling flesh. He pumped Frey's shaft hard, and the boy began to buck and beg for his orgasm. Jared reached another hand up, and played once more with Frey's hard nipples; pinching and rolling the little buds between his fingers.

Frey cried that he was going to cum, and Jared let him. He jerked his shaft hard and fast, and Frey let go with a torrent of cum that shot back and down Jared's throat. He eagerly swallowed the sperm cocktail, and suckled lightly on the convulsing flesh until Frey was completely drained.

But Jared wasn't done. He knew what he wanted...

Jared stood up slightly and, grasping the younger boy's hips, rolled him onto his tummy. Frey gave little struggle, as he was still reeling from his powerful orgasm. Once on his tummy, Jared knelt between Frey's knees, and held his dripping cock above the younger boys smooth and soft ass. Reaching down with his hands, he grasped the boy's hips once more and, opening his cheeks just a little, peered at the slightly pink puckered hole within. He aimed his cock, moved down, and slowly began to enter Frey.

Frey cried out in pain, as Jared's unlubed shaft spread his tight hole. He tried to struggle, but the wieght of the heavier boy left no chance for fight. Jared murmered to Frey to hold still and relax, as he gently kissed and nibbled on Frey's ear lobe. Before anymore was said, Frey was completly filled with Jared's pulsing member.

Jared held on for a second before starting his motions. Once he did, Frey slowly stopped gasping in pain, and began to moan in pleasure. Jared's hard cock pistoned in and out of Frey's wanton hole, as both the boys arched up to meet the other's movements. Jared reached under him and began to play with Frey's once again rock hard cock. He pumped it long and slow, until he had Frey begging once more to let him cum.

Jared decided to time it with his own orgasm, and he did, spilling his hot cream into Frey's convulsing ass, just as Frey let out a yell and spewed his warm sperm all over the couch cusions. They rocked and twitched together, moaning out eachother's names as thier powerful orgasms rippled through thier sex-crazed bodies.

Finally, thier orgasms subsided, and both boys sagged into the couch, arm in arm, chatting softly and getting thier breaths back. Eventually, they fell asleep, as the warm sun came through the window, and engulfed both of them in it's soothing embrace.
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Please Help :) [Sep. 22nd, 2005|03:12 pm]
Fuck Buddies

[mood |blahblah]
[music |"Candle In The Wind" - Elton John]

Hey fuck buds/gals,

I have a bit of a problem that's kind of concerning. Lately, after I masturbate, I've had an intense itching in/around the urethra area of my penis. It's very intense and uncomfortable. I almost always sit up when I masturbate, because I've found it to be the most pleasurable position for me.

I've also noticed something that may be accociated with it: my orgasms, within the past few months (estimated time), have been much stronger and more powerful/pleasurable, with the volume of my ejaculate being higher than it was...let's say....6 or 7 months ago. This is accompanied by, when I ejaculate, a feeling within my urethra, as if the little hole has muscles of it's own. It's almost as if I can feel the hole/passage-way contracting rythmically. I've contributed the more powerful orgasms and ejaculate to the fact that I am eating healthier; more lean meats and fruits/veggies, and almost no soda (instead; milk, juice, and water). Somehow, this HAS to play a role in this...

So anyway, after I ejaculate, I clean up with tissue. Could my itching be accociated with the tissue being "dusty"? Is it the way I'm sitting that's perhaps "pulling" or stretching something within my penis (a nerve, perhaps)? Or is it the fact that my penis is adjusting to new levels of pleasure and volume of ejaculate?

I've had no current sexual partners, and the last person I had sex with was about eight months ago, and I used a condom with her. So, I think we can rule out STD's. But what else could it be? My guess is the tissue I'm using to clean up. As silly as it sounds, I think something's getting in there when I clean up. But if anyone else has any other theories, or if they've experienced the same thing, please let me know.

Also, I don't drink, smoke, or use any drugs.

Thanks, and fuck you later!

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Forbidden Desire: Fiction [Sep. 22nd, 2005|12:26 am]
Fuck Buddies

[mood |hornyCum on me!]
[music |Coma White]

Frey had always loved computers, by the time he was eleven he could type faster then most kids in his class; Then he found roleplaying, full of writing and fun. He met one person on a Fan fiction site, by now already into the Slave and Sex stuff. Yaoi as well, he was more bisexual then anything.

He signed into the MSNM and smiled at the screen, James was online.

"Hello" Frey typed, looking around.

"Hey Frey!" James replied, turning Frey's webcam on.
"You live in Canada right? I might come visit you later" He continued.

"Uh.. Is that alright?" Frey typed back a little nervous.
"Of course! I won't hurt you or anything." He replied , giving a smily emoticon. Frey stayed quiet.
"Alright, sure. Where are you going to be?"
"Your town. You told me where it was once, maybe at the library or something?" He asked with a final reply.
"Alright, I have to go now though" Frey said back quickly- Signing off with a click.

Frey was tall, for a thirteen year old; Thin though, his pale features and dark hair was usually combed out of his face.
*** *** ***

The next day, Frey awoke covered in cum. "Another wet dream or something" He figured, being very horny lately. He walked down stairs, saying hello to his brother before hopping in the shower.
Water poured down onto his chest, his naked body now soaking. He smiled up at the shower head, his hand making it's way down to his manhood (Boy hood rather) at Five and a half inches, he could cum alot. Soon jerking up and down, cumming all over himself in a matter of five minutes.

He dressed, combed his hair and ate. Saying good bye to his mother at twelve he walked down to the place he was supposed to meet James.
A man, of maybe 21 was standing next to a tree. He was wearing, what James described an Frey walked over to him.
"Um, Hello?" He asked looking up at him blushing.
"Frey! Hey, Hi. My car is down there, I was thinking we could drive over to my cabin" James told him with a shrug. Frey nodded, not even caring if he got hurt. He was intoxicated with James's personality. All the way over to the cabin, he talked about interested things.

He parked, and we walked up to the door. He opened it, revealing lots of hot dogs and other camping food. "I'm staying for the weekend" He told me, as I sat down on a couch. He stared at me for a moment, locking the door. "Lets have some fun" He told me with a smirk. He pulled down his pants, in just his boxers; His shirt long gone. "Do you want to go swimming?" Frey asked confused. "Yeah, Part of me wants to go swimming" He replied s I noticed a large tent in his silk boxers. His body was beautiful, defined muscles and a large cock.

"Okay." I replied, taking off my shirt and socks. He pulled down my shorts with a quick tug, leaving me in just boxers. "No. I want you to be naked" He replied quickly, grabbing my underwear.I covered myself, for I had never been hard infront of anyone before. He smiled down at me, I looked up blushing.

"Little hard on eh? Well not so little are we Frey?" He asked taking my hands away. He bent over, playing with Frey's things for a moment until it was positivly leaking all over his hairless cock and balls.
"Oooh, your horny you little fuck" James told him, his mouth sucking up all the sweet liquid. Frey gasped, looking astounded. "J-James, I, W-we should stop" He stuttered; Hot cum splashing onto James face. James smirked.
"Bend over!" He yelled sadisticly. His giant hands grabbing Frey and throwing him down. "I know you like it rough, you've told me so many times." He whispered, his tongue nipping at Frey's nipple. A large mass filled Frey's tight rear, thrusting in and out a few times. Frey whimpered, it hurt so much; And felt so good. Like a forbidden desire, James smiled, cumming all over Frey's little ass pucker. He moaned, as James did.
Frey was soon on his knees infront of James, sucking madly at the thick cock; Way over sized for his tiny mouth. He swallowed as much as he could before James was complelty tuckered out. James picked Frey up, taking him into his lap and snuggling untill they both fell asleep.

James moved to Canada later on in the year, becoming Frey's best friend.

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My Population Paste, My Cock, and Me: A True Story [Sep. 21st, 2005|03:02 pm]
Fuck Buddies

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |"Little Wings" - Stevie Ray-Vahn]

Hey, fuck buds and gals!

You know, as chief moderator of this community, it should be my duty to post something first. Therefore, I've thought long about what story of mine that I'd want to tell first. I'm still thinking...

Okay, why don't I tell you all about the time I went to Summer Camp, back when I was with the Boy Scouts of America. I certify, that this story is entirely true and as accurate as can be.

This is my story of one of the first times I was ever masturbated by someone else.

It was the summer of 2003, and me and my troop were at summer camp; the name of which, I’ll keep confidential. Now, I know that just about every boy in this nation has been in scouting at one point or another. And because of that, almost all of us learned about masturbation and other types of adolescent sexual games while serving tenure. I know I had my Baptism of Sexuality at one point or another while serving as a scout. I masturbated other boys, and they masturbated me.

I was an Assistant Scout Master at this time, and I knew a buddy of mine who was also an A.S.M. in the Troop, let's call him Matthew, who got to talking to me one day about the camp, and since we'd known each other as friends for a long time (and even done some "things" together), I felt comfortable about telling him something that happened between me and another scout, quite a few years back at this same camp.

Now, this was before 2003, of course...in fact, it was back in 1998. I was 15 at the time, and the kid in question, let's call this one David, was about 14. David was a redhead, through and through. He didn’t have freckles, but he did have bright blue eyes, and the whitest skin in the world, which was so soft, it was like a feather. His body was beautifully toned for his age, with not a bit of fat anywhere. I remember distinctly, that his penis was uncircumcised (about 5 inches), because he asked me if I would like to see it one day, while we were playing cards in the military tent that we shared. We had been having a conversation; the subject of which escapes me (but it was undoubtibly about something sexual), and I guess we both got a little horny. Well, I said sure, as we were already in our tent and not likely to be caught. He stood up, pulled down his pants and underwear, and showed me his 5 ½ inch uncut penis. He then proceeded in showing me how to fold his foreskin over the head of his penis, exposing his urethra and head. I told him that that was cool, then I thought that I could take it a bit further. I asked him if he had ever masturbated. He said he had only done it a couple of times before. I looked outside the tent to see if there was anyone else in the camp site, but all the rest of them were at their merit badge classes. Him and I were the only ones left because we had the same class together (Pioneering), and it didn’t start for another hour. I asked him if he would like to see me masturbate, and he said sure. I quickly took off my shoes, socks, and shorts, then sat on my sleeping bag in just my underwear and shirt.

I smiled mischievously at him, then slid my underwear off. I had a, what I guessed then to be, five inch (yes, it hasn't grown much since *sigh*) circumcised penis, which quickly began to harden. I looked at him, and his mouth was slightly open, with him staring at my penis in surprise. He told me that it looked funny, and that he had never seen one like that. I told him that it was circumcised, and he said “so that’s what they look like!” Then he reached out and gently took a hold of it, studying it closely and squeezing it gently. I was taken aback, and asked him what he was doing, while pulling away slightly. He apologized, and said that he thought he could touch it. I told him that it was okay with me, but that he had to ask first; he couldn’t just reach out and grab someone’s penis.

He said, “sorry,” and asked me if he could touch it again. I said sure, just be careful. He was very careful as he reached out and took my penis gently into his hand. He held it, feeling my smooth foreskin and shaft. He squeezed it a couple of times and milked a few drops of precum over his fingers.

He then played with the head a little, and said, “hey! You’ve got freckles on your dick! That’s cool!”

I looked down and he showed me a few spots scattered across the head. I said, “I thought only you redheads were suppose to get freckles, but even you don’t have any.”

He said, “I only get them when it’s really cold outside or when it’s really bright and sunny.” He continued exploring my dick after that, and I became fully erect. He asked me if I was fully hard, and I told him I was.

By now, I was freely oozing pre-cum out of my dick, and he stopped holding me and asked, “hey, do you need to pee or something? Is that what that is? It’s not yellow.”

I said “no,” and explained briefly what pre-cum was. He nodded, and studied some of it on the tip of his finger. As he rolled it between his fingers, I felt my nipples begin to harden. I reached up and pulled off my shirt and looked at them. My left one was erect and diamond hard, and the right one was getting there. My left nipple got so hard that it began to hurt. He looked at me and asked why I took my shirt off. I told him that my nipples hurt because they were getting so hard. He told me that whenever he got out of the shower, and his nipples were hard, he would gently rub them to make them soft again.

I said, “yeah, kind of like jacking off.” He laughed, and continued to study my penis. I leaned back on my hands and spread my legs apart as he sat between them, Indian fashion. That way, he could cup my testicles and roll them around inside their smooth sack. He did this, causing spasms of pleasure to radiate up my spine and down through my chest and legs. He would also tickle my crotch lightly, which caused me to giggle a little bit. While tickling my crotch, I suddenly felt a surge that felt like it was radiating up through my asshole and into my prostate. I told him to push and rub that same area again. He did, and my penis gave a throb in his hand. He continued to massage my G spot, milking my prostate and causing my boner to writhe with each rub. Each time he rubbed it, I would ooze little bits of milky white fluid out of my urethra.

Suddenly, he looked up from what he was doing and looked into my eyes, smiling slightly. He leaned forward, and I knew what a good thing was, and wasn‘t about to pass this one up. I closed my eyes as his lips connected with mine and his tongue probed through my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues fought gently with each other, and he reached up and gently cupped the side of my face, caressing it softly. We finished after a good minute or so, all the while he was holding my hardness and stroking me gently. We pulled back, and we both looked at each other in surprise. I don’t think he expected it, and neither did I. I smiled and blushed a little, avoiding his gaze. He rubbed my bare shoulder, cupped my chin and looked into my eyes, telling me that he enjoyed that and that I should not be embarrassed.

We were both quiet for a moment, lost in thought. My penis had shrunken a bit and was still cupped lightly in his hand, forgotten about for the moment. He then asked if he could masturbate me. I told him that I thought I was doing it myself, and he said that he wouldn’t mind doing it for me. I thought about it for a moment, in which time he reached down and played with my right nipple. I didn’t scold him this time, but damn, he was frisky! My nipple began to harden again as he gently pulled on it. I decided then, that if I was going to get this horny, why not share it with someone else. I told him that yes, he could masturbate me, but that I had to masturbate him as well He smiled and pushed me gently onto my back. He then stood up and removed the rest of his clothing. He laid back down on his side next to me, while I stayed on my back. He reached over and took my penis in his hand and began to jerk it up and down. He was doing it kind of roughly, so I told him to slow down and lighten his grip, which he did. I reached up and pushed him gently on the shoulder, signaling him to lay back with his head pointing towards my feet, and me likewise.

With my right hand, I gently grasped his penis and began to jerk it. He told me to go a bit faster, which I did. Then he stopped me and took his foreskin with two fingers, motioning me to watch. I did, and he showed me how to fold back his foreskin and expose the head, so that when the cum came out, the skin didn’t block or plug up his urethra. He then placed his hand back on my penis and continued stroking. I now took his rolled-up foreskin and slid it back and forth over his shaft using my fisted hand. His penis began to leak pre-cum with every upward stroke, and I used it to lubricate his shaft. He began to moan a bit, and his breath became labored. I took my other hand and gently rubbed his nipple, which hardened strait away. It was fun to run my finger over his smooth chest and soft skin, only to hit the little bump that was his nipple. I imagined my finger as a car going through a flat parking lot and hitting a speed bump.

Meanwhile, as I played with his nipple, both him and me were becoming very aroused. I was now freely oozing pre-cum all over the place, and so was he. We both began to gently squirm and writhe on our sleeping bags, and both of us were becoming flushed. He began to moan louder, and I had to take my hand away from his nipple to cover his mouth so that he wouldn’t attract attention. He opened his mouth and gently nibbled on my finger to keep from crying out. I found this very erotic and felt that familiar swelling in my balls. I felt his balls give a little hitch, and at the same time I felt my sperm bubbling up into my shaft. I moaned loudly, and it was his turn to place his hand over my mouth. I opened my mouth and let out a whimper, while gently sucking and nibbling on his fingers. I felt his stomach start to twitch, and he began to gasp rhythmically. I felt his dick start to twitch and he gave a little jolt; lifting his ass off of the sleeping bag.

I moved his hand away from my mouth and gasped, “let’s try and cum together.” He only whimpered in response and frantically picked up his pace on my dick. Suddenly, I felt a flush come over me, beginning at my dick and resonating outward across my entire body.

My nipples hardened the firmest yet, and I let out a gasp and a whimpered warning, “I’m cumming…oh, God…cumming…I…I…” I wasn’t able to finish the rest. His hand furiously pumping my dick caused me to pass the point of no return. My hand lost it’s grip on his dick, and I made a feeble attempt to grab it again. I partially succeeded, and we both exploded.

It was, arguably, the most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life. I let out a cry and a heave, lifting my ass off of my sleeping bag, and he did the same. My sperm shot out in a giant stream that stretched out about three feet in the air and came down with a wet “splat” over everything; including my stomach, chest, and all over him. His cum shot out with a loud “shlirp” and landed audibly on my stomach and chest, because he had tilted a little to the right so he could share his cum with me. I felt a blast of sperm and semen hit my hand and arm as I feebly held onto his gyrating penis. I shot another load of sperm that didn’t go quite as high, but still landed all over everything. I felt his penis give out steady pulses, and each time, more cum would spurt from his urethra. He was now openly moaning and writhing on his sleeping bag, with cum spraying in all directions. I continued to spurt about five more long streams of cum out of my dick, while my closed eyes reflected a white light that completely enveloped me, with streaks of color and ecstasy. I knew nothing at that moment but pure, unabaded pleasure.

After that, I just oozed sperm out of my dick and all over his hand, which was still locked vice-like around my penis. I was still weakly pumping his dick, but by this time, he just pulse and throbbed, with hardly any cum oozing out. This entire orgasm lasted what seemed like hours, when in reality, it was only about a solid minute, and I must say, it was quite satisfying!

Finally, we both had a few of those delayed spasms, in which we simply rode each other through them. I held his dick gently while those delayed throbs ebbed away, and he held mine. When it was all done, we remained in sort of a semi-conscious trance, in which we both spent catching our breaths and clearing our heads. The colorful streaks that danced before my eyes slowly faded away, and I began to receive some feeling back to my body. My penis was deflating and shrinking within his hand. He held it in his palm while it shrunk, then he gently let go, but kept his arm on my hip. I too felt his dick shrink, and let go. He turned his head to the right and looked at me sleepily.

I too looked over and smiled slightly. “Dude,” I murmured, “that was the best fucking hand job I have ever had, and probably will ever have.” I looked at his body laying beside mine, and noticed that he had globs of sperm everywhere. His chest had rivulets of cum running down his sides and tummy, and he even had drops of cum on his face. A forceful blast had hit him in the chin from underneath, and splattered cum all over his neck. His tummy and hips were the most messy. My cum shots had landed on him, as much as me. His tummy had formed a watery pool of cum inside his belly-button, and even covered a small mole that he had just below his belly. His dick and balls were absolutely drenched in cum; great ropes of sperm stuck and dangled from his penis, down to his balls and crotch. His light brushing of red pubic hair was literally bleached white with so much sperm.

To this day, I don’t think I’ve seen a more sexy or arousing site in my life. His lean form looked so peaceful the way he laid there, as if he were about to be crucified. I tried to sit up, but found that I just didn’t have the energy. I tried to look at myself the best I could, and what I was able to see was shocking! It looked like I actually had more cum covering my naked form than he did, which was incomprehensible when I first looked at him. I reached a hand up to my face and wiped the tip of my nose. It came away wet with a smear of sperm. I, like him, had been hit forcefully in the chin with a blast of semen, and it splattered everywhere. My chest was completely soaked with ropes of sperm; some were well over a foot long! My arm and bicep had streams of watery sperm that had run down my arm and onto my sleeping bag. My tummy, like his, was like some kind of macabre art form of sperm and semen. Ropes of his sperm were mixed with mine, and I even traced a rope from his side of the tent to my cheek! My belly button was the swimming pool for sperm cells, and rivulets of cum had run down the sides of my body. One glob even covered my right nipple, and I later found out that it was his cum glob. My light patch of brown pubic hair was entangled with ropes of sperm and semen. And finally, my thighs, along with his, were covered in the sticky substance of our pleasure.

Needless to say, we skipped Pioneering that day, and caught hell from our counselor and scoutmaster later on that week for our absence. We had a good cover story of getting lost, but it didn’t exactly fit, because we had showed up to the class the day before without any problems. Suddenly getting lost the next day didn’t fly with them, but they didn’t push the issue (thank God). We laid there on our sleeping bags naked and fell asleep. Luckily, we were the only ones who were using that tent, so we were not interrupted or walked in on while we slept. Good Lord, what a site that would’ve been!

Anyway, when we woke up about an hour later, our bodies were now covered in dry cum, and we were very sticky. We put on our swim trunks, since we didn’t want to touch any other article of clothing with our sticky bodies. Thankfully, the showers were only about 400 feet up the trail from our campsite, so we grabbed our towels and washables and hurried up to them. Noone stopped to talk to us as we left the site, as there were only a couple of people back in camp from their classes. If they had stopped us, and if they had looked closely, they probably would have noticed a weird change in skin color in patches due to the dried cum. We showered, and even washed each other when we were alone. But soon, more kids started coming in, so we had to lay low.

After that incident, we had a couple more over that week, but we were more conservative about it, as too make it to class on time. After that week, we never had any more experiences like that again. We did talk about it a few times, and even thought about getting some more trustworthy people involved, but nothing ever came of it. David moved away about a year after that, and we kept in touch for a while, before finally losing all contact. I haven't seen or spoken to him in about four years. It was quite an experience, and not one that I will ever forget.

Was that detailed enough? ;) Now, tell us about your experiences!
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Storyness [Sep. 21st, 2005|11:30 pm]
Fuck Buddies

This post will be coming soon,
just letting everyone know.

A story.
Please don't copy
Not that you would,

Have fun.
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Homigawd Yay [Sep. 21st, 2005|04:12 am]
Fuck Buddies

Like hi.
I installed my webcam

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